Practical cases where high-pressure treatment has been introduced

In Medical field

Deactivation of viruses

Viruses deactivated by high-pressure treatment of 300MPa or more have been recognized.

  • Human herpes virus(HSV-1)

  • Human immunodeficiency virus(HIV-1)

Use of region where water doesn’t freeze under high pressure

The energy metabolism of cell is considered to reduce by half as a decrease of temperature by 10℃.There is a region where water does not freeze even at 0℃ or less under high pressure. By taking advantage of the region of unfrozen water , there is a possibility of preserving cells for long time without unfavorably subjecting the cells to the freezing and thawing steps.

  • Effects of high-pressure treatment on hemolysis of human erythrocytes.

    The pressure of 200MPa or less is found to have little effect on hemolysis of human erythrocytes.